Rainbow Parrotfish ( Image: By dogfaceboy )

Rainbow Parrotfish ( Image: By dogfaceboy )

In the waters of the Atlantic Ocean around the American continent, an attractive colored large fish is found which can grow up to 3 meters.  The rainbow parrotfish is scientifically known as Scarus guacamaia and it belongs to the Scaridae family. The natural habitat of the rainbow parrotfish are coral reefs, mangroves and sea grass beds along the Latin American seashores. The rainbow parrotfish is a rare fish and the status is vulnerable due to the rapid habitat destruction. It is relatively rare in most of its range, but more common in Bermuda. Parrotfish are named because of their unique and extraordinary mouth shapes having the fused teeth, forming a tough parrot-like beak.

Rainbow Parrotfish:  Scarus guacamaia ( Image by Phil's 1stPix )
Rainbow Parrotfish: Scarus guacamaia ( Image by Phil’s 1stPix )

The rainbow parrotfish love to travel in form of group normally consisting of 40 to 50 individuals. The most exclusive ability of the rainbow parrotfish is to change the sex, i-e the females if needed may become males in order to reproduce. The super males are typically sex-reversed females and are strongly territorial, habitually driving other males from their areas. Due to the inappropriate information and data for assessing the conservation status of the rainbow parrotfish, Scarus guacamaia , IUCN has declared it as a data deficient species.

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