Many celebrities make a lot of money, and naturally they are going to invest it in the best ways that they can. For some of them that’s real estate, for others it’s starting companies, and for some it’s straight up buying hotels. Here are some hotels that are owned by some of your favorite celebrities.

The Bedford Post Inn

The Bedford Post Inn in Bedford New York is co owned by Richard Gere. The property has been around since the 1860’s and has a very cozy, intimate, yet lush vibe.

Cromlix Hotel

The Cromlix Hotel in the United Kingdom is owned by tennis champ Andy Murray. The now luxury hotel is actually a Victorian estate from the 19th century. It was turned into a hotel in the 1980’s but when Andy got his hands on it it was really taken to the next level.

Gwinganna Health Retreat

The Gwinganna Health Retreat in Australia is actually owned by Hugh Jackman. He was out there to get in shape for Wolverine and loved it so much that he ended up extending his stay. Ultimately he decided that he wanted to be a part of the action and became co owner of the retreat.

Blackadore Caye

If you haven’t heard of Blackadore Caye yet that’s simply because it won’t be open until 2018, but it’s owned by Leonardo DiCaprio. He actually purchased the entire island in Belize with a hotelier and they will be creating an eco friendly resort there.

Nobu Hospitality

The entire Nobu Hospitality group was formed by chef Nobu Matsuhisa and Robert Deniro. The company includes 32 different restaurants and nine hotels around the world. Deniro’s Greenwich hotel is a very popular one in New York.

Ariel Sands Resort

Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas own the Ariel Sands Resort in Bermuda. The resort has plans to open in 2017 and will be using green energy to power the beachside cottages.

Mission Ranch Hotel

The Mission Ranch Hotel in Carmel is owned by Clint Eastwood who lives in the area. The hotel was originally a 19th century dairy house and was converted into the hotel. It has 31 rooms as well as dining and a fitness center.

Number 11 Cadogan Gardens

Number 11 Cadogan Gardens is a boutique hotel in London that was built as four separate townhouses. These days it is owned by Elizabeth Hurley.

The Big Sleep

The Big Sleep is a budget hotel chain in Cardiff, Wales, Cheltenham, and Eastbourne in England. John Malkovich is a primary investor in the chain.

Sundance Mountain Resort

The Sundance Mountain Resort on Mt. Timpanogos in Utah is owned by Robert Redford. He of course also founded the Sundance Film Festival. The resort is quite large and has plenty of things to do including skiing, river rafting, fishing, etc.

The Cypress Inn

The Cypress Inn in Carmel is ran by Doris Day. The inn has small and cozy rooms and welcomes animals since Doris is an animal rights activist.



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