Business travel can be pretty different than traveling for fun. The pace is different, and there is often a lot less time for exploring. Here are some ways to cut down on the common stress factors of traveling that should be at a minimum when you’re traveling for work.

Don’t Check Bags

It can be challenging to pack everything that you need in a single carry on suitcase but checking bags can slow down your travels so much. There is always a bit of a lag while you wait for the bags to be unloaded, and in the chance that they get lost you know how aggravating that can be. It’s usually better to take the risk of underpacking on shoe options than checking a bag.

Choose a Loyalty Rewards Program

Technically if you travel a lot for work you might be able to use a variety of different rewards programs, but sticking with a single one might be able to help you get benefits faster. Employees at hotels and airlines tend to notice when you are loyal to their brand and they will often throw some perks your way for doing so. If some rental car companies show favoritism to their most loyal members are directly deliver rental cars as opposed to making people shuttle to them.

Dress Nicely When You Fly

If you fly in one of your nice suits you can save some space in your luggage and ensure that you will have the option with you on the trip. As an added bonus, sometimes people who are dressed nicely even get better treatment on planes as such. It doesn’t necessarily make sense, but customer service clientele often respond favorably to people who appear professional or like they have money.

Use Apps

When you’re in a new town in particular there is going to be a lot of things you don’t know that could potentially slow you down. Saving any addresses that you’ll need into your maps can be helpful so that you don’t have to keep entering them in every time you get into the car. If you will be dining out you might want to use an app like Open Table that can find you reservations without requiring that you even call anywhere.

If you will be using public transportation you should definitely look into apps that not only help you choose the right public transportation option but also keep you updated with times and delays so that you are never late. Ride share apps like Uber are helpful for catching rides when taxis aren’t a great option, and there are even apps that will send a taxi to you when a taxi is actually the best option.

Check the Weather in Advance

This might sound obvious but you should always check the weather of the place you’re traveling to before you go. If we’ve gone somewhere many times it’s easy to assume that we’ll be met with the same temperature, but the last thing you want is to pack wrong after you’ve packed so carefully to get there.

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