Travel in general can be grueling, but flying in particular can be really tough on the body. Especially when you’re not getting as much sleep as you’re used to. Here are some tips about how to stay refreshed on a long flight.

One thing you want to do on a long flight is protect your skin from drying out, and this prep actually begins at home. If you exfoliate your skin before you go you can remove the top layer of dead skin cells that would be a barrier to any moisturizer you put on top. This way you can moisturize efficiently, which you should definitely be doing. If you are going to moisturize mid flight pat your face with a cool wet towel which will make the skin absorb the moisturizer even better.

Try to get some sleep on your flight if possible, even if it during the day. Arriving rested is always favorable no matter where you are going. Avoid drinking coffee ahead of the flight and save it for the end when you are close to getting off the plane. If you can avoid drinking alcohol on your flight you can avoid the potential dehydration that it can cause.

To avoid swelling make sure and get up to walk around a couple times during a long flight, and don’t lay your seat all the way back which can lead to swelling in the face. Swelling in the face can cause under eye bags.

If you have long hair you want to prevent it from flattening out against your plane seat, so loosely throwing it up in a bun can be a good way to make sure that it retains some volume.

Everyone knows you should drink plenty of water on a flight, but you should make sure that you’re hydrating the right way by getting plenty of electrolytes. Be mindful of what you eat while you’re flying as well, as you don’t want to overdo it on the sodium. If you are unsure about what will be served on flight you can bring your own snacks like fruit for fiber and hydration, jerky for lean protein, and unsalted nuts for filling fats.

The eyes have a way of showing travel, so you might want to carry eye drops with you to get rid of any redness that may occur. If you experience under eye swelling you can ask for ice press against the under eyes in a napkin which should cut down on some of the puffiness.

For women carrying a concealer or highlighter on board can be a great tool to fake looking more alert than you are. Put it over any darkness or redness to look smooth and alert. You can always sneak into the bathroom to do touch ups if doing it at your seat isn’t appropriate.

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