Rome is a city full of history as well as an interesting modern culture. Here are some of the things you must do when you are there.

Stopping for a coffee drink of some sort in Rome sounds like a no brainer but the experience is really a good way to get an actual taste of the town as well as take things in culturally. Head to the most authentic spot you can find (which should be full of locals), and relax into the experience.

The Roman Forum is a must see stop for archeological ruins. The Forums from the seventh century B.C. had the first government meetings as well as the later gladiator matches.

When you’re in the mood for something from an outdoor market, Campo de’Fiori is the place to go. It is the oldest outdoor market in Rome and a very popular spot to grab food as well as flowers, of which the market is named after.

The Pantheon is a must see for architectural masterpieces. It was built as a tribute to the gods in 27 B.C. and then later became a tomb for well known and respected people and artists in the town. Even the painter Raphael was buried there.

The Sistine Chapel is another amazing architectural feat, thanks to its fresco ceiling of the Last judgement painted by Michelangelo. You might have to wait in some long lines amongst many other tourists to get in and get a look, but it’s worth it for the once in a lifetime experience.

Many cities have popular city squares, and Rome has one of the most well known. The Spanish Steps in Rome are one of the widest and longest stairs in Europe and have become a very popular spot for locals to hang out. It’s a great place for people watching and for making your own memories with your friends.

The Via del Corso is an area that gets so popular in the evening for strolling around that they actually shut down the street so that people can walk around undisturbed. It’s a great place to shop, get food, drinks, and check out many if the latest fashions.

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