The Caribbean is basically all beauty all the time with its bright clear waters and white sandy beaches. Some places are more popular than others, but the location is full of great spots. Here are a few destinations in the Caribbean that are worth seeing.


Nassau in the Bahamas is a quick flight from the Miami area, so it’s pretty easy to get to. The water in the area can have visibility up to 1oo feet which makes it a very popular dive spot. There are a lot of shipwrecks in the area that are fun for divers, as well as plenty of sea life to see. One must see is a natural hole called the Blue Hole which is 100 feet across and 200 feet deep, with tons of fish to see inside. In Stuart’s Cove there is the option to dive in a personal bubble type thing which can be great for people who not certified to scuba dive but still want to get under the water.

The Caves Resort

The Caves Resort in Jamaica is owned by the music producer Chris Blackwell and is an ideal spot for a romantic getaway. It features 11 cliffside accommodations. with dining areas in gazebos and even a cave.

Jade Mountain

Jade Mountain in St. Lucia is a luxury eco-friendly resort that’s right in the mountains. The resort is located on over 400 acres of land, which means there is tons of access to nature. In fact all of the rooms in the resort only have three walls so you will literally feel like you’re one with the mountain. The resort is also free of telephones, TVs, and radios to encourage the immersion experience. Popular outdoor activities include hiking, biking, swimming, and scuba diving.

Cap Juluca

Cap Juluca is a self contained enclave on the beach that is right by St. Maarten but must be reached by air or boat. The location hosts 18 villas and nice restaurants, so it’s ideal for a romantic getaway that is certain to be undisturbed by the rest of the world.

Grace Bay Club

The Grace Bay Club in Turks and Caicos was the first luxury hotel in the area that offers only suites. There are separate areas in the hotel that are for adults and children, in case you want to frequent the adult pool without the eyes or noise of children. The bar at the resort is actually the longest in the Caribbean, and they even have a treehouse for the kids.

The Sandy Lane Resort

The Sandy Lane Resort in Barbados has been an elite hideaway since 1961. The resort is very private and has three different golf courses with 45 holes.

Silver Sands Resort

The Silver Sands Resort is the best place in Barbados for windsurfing, and its Club Mistral windsurfing station is open between November and June. It is not however, a spot for beginners, since to windsurf there you need to have at least a 5 or 6 skill rating.

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