When traveling we often have the option of choosing between a normal resort and an all inclusive one, and there are certainly benefits to both. Here are some things to keep in mind about all inclusive resorts.

What’s Considered “All-Inclusive” Is Different Everywhere

What oen resort considers to be an all-inclusive package can be very different at the next one. Some resorts include things like drinks and airport transportation, but other just use the term to refer to food and some general activities that you can take part in. It’s not surprising but things like massages and spa treatments are not generally included into an all-inclusive fee.

It Might Not Save You Any Money

All-inclusive resorts are often seen a way to cut down on excess money spending on a vacation, but they aren’t necessarily going to save you any money. They can often get away with charging a lot of money if there are a lot of perks added in, but most people don’t even use all of the perks at the more expansive resorts so it doesn’t necessarily make up the difference. However for many people one of the nice things about using the all-inclusive option is that it is way more convenient ┬áto get everything handled at once so it doesn’t need to be thought about later.

There Can Be Extra Charges

Some resorts offer food and drinks in their all-inclusive packages, but then bump up the price by charging more for alcohol or nicer meals like lobster. So when that is the game they’re playing, you don’t necessarily save any money at all unless you don’t drink the alcohol or want to eat the nice food.

The Rooms Don’t Necessarily Look Like How they Are Advertised

A lot of the bigger resort chains undergo a lot of construction, and they aren’t necessarily going to tell you that before you arrive. It can be a little jarring to expect a gorgeous room that you saw on the website and be met with a more temporary looking setup. Ask ahead of time to see if you can get a real photo of the room type you will be staying in if you’re looking for luxury. Checking the online message boards on travel sites is another great way to get some honest opinions going on.

There Are Still Resort Fees

Many all-inclusive resorts still charge resort or convenience fees which can be sort of annoying. Some even make you pay extra for access to the wi-fi which most people are going to need to use if you’re staying somewhere for a few days. Some hotels even charge fees if you want to use the gym or the pool which would be a real hassle.

You Might Still Need to Tip

Some all-inclusive resorts say that tipping is included in the package, but other suggest that it is still a good idea, which means that you could end up spending a lot more money than you were anticipating out the gate.



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  1. Personally I’ve never found a deal that was worth checking out but I do like the concept of not having to worry about money for food and drinks while you’re at the hotel

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