Part of the fun of traveling is getting to explore a new place, but the best way to do that is to come prepared at least a little bit. Here is some fun ways to research your destination before you actually leave home.

Do Some Social Media Searches

Checking social media is a good way to get a current snapshot of what’s popular or worth seeing in a place. This will reveal information from both locals and tourists, and you might be able to find some new things worth seeing or get the insider perspective that can lead you to some awesome views or nightlife options.

Read Up

When you’re reading about your destination on the internet be sure and throw in search phrases like “best”, “cheapest”, “secret”, “fun”, “hidden”, “forgotten”, and things like that as opposed to just general searches.

Learn a Few Phrases

If you are traveling somewhere a different language is spoken, you don’t necessarily need to be fluent since many people around the world speak English, but it can be more fun to travel when you know some words and can immerse yourself a bit. No one will expect you to be an expert overnight, but might as well get involved.

Do a News Search

In addition to travel related searches, you should also read up on the current news in your destination. You will learn about practical things like the weather but also things regarding safety, current state of politics, or whether there will be any big sporting events going on while you are there.

Look at Google Images

When you search for a location on the internet you can switch over the to the images search tool and see photos that have been geotagged there or included in articles about the place. You can just some general inspiration for things to do, or you can click on the “view page” option next to an interesting photo and read the accompanying article that it was published on.

Read a Novel

For readers it can be fun to read a novel set in the place that you’re visiting to get some inspiration. Reading a story about a place is always going to give you a different feel than reading a more technical guidebook, since it will be filled with the richness of an experience as opposed to suggestions.

Call Your Hotel

If you already have your hotel booked, you can call during a non busy time and ask them some questions about the area or if there is anything that they think you should know. The concierge can be your best friend in this sense, since they not only know the area well, but they know it well from the position of relaying that information to many, many tourists. The concierge can also help you figure out cheaper ways to get around and how to make your trip a little more economical if that is important to you.

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  1. Staying organized with this type of thing can be so hard! I get excited for the trip and then don’t want to deal with the mundane details

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