Packing is rarely easy, but when you start with the essentials that can do double or multi duty is makes it a lot easier to figure out what should come next. Here are some travel essentials you should always make room for.

A Packing Organizer

Adding in an organizer doesn’t sound like the best idea, until you realize how functional it can really be. A stacking packing organizer can help to compress some of your folded clothing, and then once you reach your destination you can just lift it out and hang it directly into the closet without having to totally unpack your clothes.

A Jacket With Good Pocket Space

These days you can find jackets that can bascially double as a carryon bag. Some jackets are made with plenty of internal pockets to store things like cell phones and wallets, in places that are inconspicuous and safe enough that you won’t be worried about dropping them or getting anything stolen.

A Wrap that Has a Sunscreen

For women, traveling with a multi functional wrap is a great way to take care of your layers. Some wraps actually have a sunscreen built into them which means that they might be light enough to use as a cover up in warm weather or a layer to wear under a coat in colder weather. In the same theme, there a shirts out there that contain a bug repellant which is very convenient to use if you are going to be out in nature.

A Charging Strip

It can be smart to carry a charging strip in your carryon luggage. Most likely you won’t face any delays and you won’t need to charge all of your electronics, but you never know. Charging space can be sparse so if you bring your own strip you will only have to fight for a single plug as opposed to one for each electronic.

Copies of Your Credit Cards

On the off chance that your wallet ever gets stolen while traveling, you will be happy to have photocopies of your credit cards to use for charges made over the phone if you need to use one before cancelling them. You should also write down your passport number, your flight reservation number, and any numbers having to do with your hotel or rental car.


Of course airports and hotels have plenty of snacks, but if you happen to end up somewhere late at night with limited options it can be a huge bonus to have some on you. Not to mention the fact that snacks at airports and hotels are generally highly over priced! They don’t always have an abundance of healthy options either, so better to be prepared even if you don’t end up eating them. Even the flight itself can sometimes have some questionable meal or snack options.


2 thoughts on “Travel Essentials You Should Always Make Room For

  1. I have been stuck on a delay that was so bad, I will always carry food and chargers, face wipes, change of underwear etc

  2. A shirt with bug repellant in it is a great invention. I wonder how long the repellant actually works for. (Like if you wash it)

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