Renting a vacation home can be really fun on both short and long vacations. It gives you a little extra space, privacy, and the option to cook at home as opposed to eat out the whole time. But an even bigger perk is that for a family or a group renting a house can even be cheaper than getting hotel rooms. Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re choosing the option for your next trip.

Start Planning ASAP

Rental homes in top vacation spots go quickly, so start planning as soon as possible. This is particularly true if the home is popular or has great ratings on the booking site. There is always the chance of snagging a great last minute deal, but you might as well look through as many options as you can while you still can.

Choose a Trustworthy Spot to Rent From

This sounds obvious but there are some people out there looking to scam on the internet. Always use a trustworthy source when you are renting a home online, as well as doing anything else where you are sharing your personal information and credit card details. This can get a little complicated since technically you are renting the home from an individual owner, but there are plenty of sites that serve as the middle man to protect both sides.

Ask Any Questions That You Might Have

If you have any questions about the home or any part of the process, be sure and ask away! Be as specific as possible to ensure that you get the information that you’re looking for. Sometimes the information about a home will be a little vague, for example it might state that it’s close to the beach. It might be up to you to determine whether that means a quick walking distance or if it’s close enough to take a day trip in the car. You don’t want any big surprises upon arrival so feel free to inquire about anything you want to know.

Request More Photos

There will always be photos on the sites that show some basic shots of the home, but they don’t always include photos of each individual bedroom for example. Think about what is important to you for the stay and then ask for photos to make your vision aligns with what they have to offer.

Read the Reviews

The reviews that other travelers leave on rental homes can invaluable to the process. They are generally totally honest to the point of being overly picky, so you don’t need to go by their scores but rather read their notes. If multiple people post that there is a weird smell in the home, you should probably trust it and move on.

Get a Rental Agreement

You should always know exaclty what you are agreeing to before you do so and get it in writing so that the terms are clearly stated and documented. You don’t want to end up getting charged later for something you didn’t know you would be held responsible for.


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  1. Great tips, renting a vacation home without seeing it can be a pretty tricky challenge! I hate to be surprised by something like close to the beach meaning nothing

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