Travel can include a lot of travel time, and some of that time would be best sleeping when possible. Here are some expert tips about how to get the sleep you need while you’re in flight to your destination.

Get the Right Seat

If you sleep on your right side, get a seat on the right side of the plane by the window so that you can face the wall and vice versa. This will give you a tiny bit more privacy that if you’re facing another person or the aisle. For a trick to booking your ideal seat, check out the website which will give you all the details about the seats on your upcoming flight.

Wear the Right Clothes

You don’t want to wear your literal pajamas to the airport, but there are a lot of very comfortable yet still daytime appropriate outfits that you can find out there. Bring layers so that you make yourself comfortable whether you are cold or hot, and carry on a change of clothes to slip into before you make it to your destination. That will also save you from dirtying a perfectly good daytime outfit and make sure that you arrive as fresh as possible.

Get Comfortable

Those neck pillows can be made more efficient by wearing them backwards. When you put it around your neck so that it is in front of your chin it will prevent your head from flopping around as you sleep sitting up. If there’s anything that¬†shouldn’t be disrupting your sleep on a plane (or train, etc), it’s your own flopping neck.

If you bring the right shape of carry on bag you can pull it out from under the seat and use it as a footrest to help you get comfortable if you like to curl up more than sleep in a totally reclined position. You can use the pillows or blankets on the plane to support your lower back as well. Do keep in mind that those blankets are not the cleanest things in the world and that it is actually possible to get an infection from them just like any other surface on a plane, so bring your own or at least skip rubbing it on your face if possible.

Bring Extra Tools

If you aren’t getting a window seat or are not sure about your sleeping arrangements, bring along a baseball hat. It might not leave your hair looking as voluminous as possible upon arrival, but at least it might help you get some sleep. Baseball hats are pretty good at blocking out the light on planes, they can deter other people from trying to talk to you while you’re set on sleeping, and they can provide a simple sense of privacy that might help you relax more and therefore be more likely to doze off.¬†Earplugs are always a good idea if you are sensitive to noises on the plane, and a sleep mask can be a big help as well too.

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  1. That website could be life changing, it’s hard to know ahead of time what seat you want if you aren’t familiar with the plane

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