The Silverlake area of Los Angeles is now home to the first dog cafe in the United States, which was just given the very straightforward name of The Dog Cafe. The concept behind the dog cafe is not only to bring together dogs and coffee, but to ultimately get all of the dogs adopted who are there. It’s like a one stop shop for feeling good.

To get this more permanent one in place a woman named Sarah Wolfgang started an Indiegogo account for it in 2014 to raise awareness and the funds. She was inspired to do so after volunteering for years at a dog shelter in Seoul, Korea, where the idea of dog cafes has been popular for quite some time.

The overall concept is to have a place where people can go to relax while the drink coffee and tea, and also play with some pups.

If they happen to fall in love, they could ultimately take one home. Sarah is working with the L.A. Animal Shelter first and foremost, but with some other organizations as well.

Different dogs will be brought in on a rotating basis, after each is cleared to make sure that are ready to deal with the potential crowds of people.

The space will be separated out so that where the drinks are ordered and prepared will be in a different location than where the dogs are, but once the drinks are ready they will be allowed to be enjoyed in the dog portion of the place as well.

The coffee drink will be made from Grounds & Hounds Coffee, and there will also be other beverages available like lemonade iced tea. Guests can expect to pay a $10 entrance fee to get in the building prior to ordering drinks, to offset some of the costs and balance out with guests who want to enjoy the dogs but won’t actually be purchasing drinks.

Guests can enjoy 55 minutes of playing with the dogs, but advanced reservations are suggested as the spots are expected to fill up fast.

Previously there was a temporary version of this came setup called “Pup Up” which was held last year downtown, but that only lasted a month.

Additionally there was a cat cafe in Chinatown called Catfe which had a run in 2014 and was quite popular.

The Dog Cafe opened on April 7, and is located at 240 N. Virgil Avenue, Unit 13, Los Angeles CA.

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  1. This is such a great idea. More people should be adopting dogs and hopefully the ease of will make that a more viable interest for a lot of people who can offer good homes to rescue

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