If you’re planning an outdoor adventure in the coming months you’ll want to prepared and ready to go when it comes to gear. (For both comfort and safety.) More often than not all goes as planned and you have extra gear with you, but it’s better to be prepared than not. Here are some things to consider.

Having a good pair of hiking boots that don’t give you blisters is going to be key. Regular running shoes don’t work for hiking shoes because the soles of them are built to be flexible and move with your foot. Hiking boots on the other hand have stiff soles that are going to protect your feet from rolling on tougher terrain. Finding a pair that is strong but lightweight is going to be key.

They also make socks that are specific to hiking. Look for a pair that is seamless and cushioned in the key areas to prevent rubbing in your shoes. Always make sure that the sock is going to stay in place and not drive you crazy from slipping down throughout the day.

If trail running is an interest, that will require a whole other pair of shoes entirely. Trail running shoes do not support the ankle like hiking shoes do, but they have the heavy tread on the bottom that normal running shoes do not.

A great backpack. Hiking backpacks differ from the average backpack as well. They have a structure system and often a waist belt to be worn which helps to properly distribute the weight so that you don’t wear out too quickly. It’s nice to have one that has a lot of compartments so that you can stay organized and have easy access to small items that you might need frequently like sunscreen, snacks, and your water.

Investing in a great water bottle is a good idea too. The design is generally pretty standard but then there are different features you can find such as ones that stay cold for a long time, or drinking spouts that automatically close after you take a sip to prevent spills in your backpack and losing precious water on a hike.

A pair of functional sunglasses is going to be key for outdoor activities as well. They can differ a bit from the more fashion oriented ones. You’ll want a pair that stays in place while it shades you from the sun, and all the better if they resist breaking or can be folded up when not in use.

When it comes to layers a good windbreaker is ideal, because it does not take up much room when it is folded up. Having space and lightweight bags is key when it comes to long hikes or overnight trips, and unlike cotton or wool a windbreaker will never soak up water and weigh you down. It’s not exactly the most cozy clothing choice which is why it needs to a layer, but when placed on top of shirts and sweaters it really does block a lot of air from getting in.




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