Air travel is necessary to get to many locations, but it can also be full of surprises and hiccups. Delayed flights, cramped space, and expensive fees are some of the common complaints. But it also seems like we might be entering a period where air travel is getting a little more reasonable, which is great news for all of us whether you consider it a necessary evil or not.

According to research by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), customer satisfaction for air travel is at the highest point that it has been since 1994. (Which is also the year that they started tracking it.)

Part of this chance might have something to do with the fact that the cost of oil has dropped relatively over the past few years, which greatly affects the flight industry.

When the cost of oil is down, some cheaper flights might be made available, but also the airline industry just makes so much money that they can start to make changes and offers to the flight experience that people clearly appreciate.

Some of these changes include things like offering more options when it comes to in flight entertainment, as well as bringing back free snacks. Anyone who has taken a flight without a free snack has felt the burn of not even being offered some peanuts which are surely a small token given the cost of the plane ticket. It seems small, but to the airlines those sort of costs add up tremendously and are often some of the first things to go.

The oil prices are thought to stay low for awhile, so hopefully this will be an upward trend in air travel options.

Another change that has had some people jumping for joy is the option to fly with a TSA Precheck. The option gives certain people the opportunity to skip the long long at security and go through a fragmented process, which is particularly nice for people who travel a lot for business and get tired of standing around doing nothing.

Not everyone can take advantage of this procedure, but at the same time the fact that some people can has the possibility to cut down on the crowds in the normal line as well.

Right now is an interesting time for travel in general since it just became possible for American citizens to travel to Cuba again. (Or much easier rather.)

The country has been seeing such an upsurge in visitors that they are making plans to completely revamp their current hotels and build more resort type accommodations to make room for the variety of people who are now choosing to visit the country.

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