There are about one million known animal species on the earth (that we know of), so there are a lot of surprising things to find out about them. Here are some random and surprising facts about animals.

1. There is something referred to as an “immortal jellyfish.” It will literally cheat death.

2. Butterflies can taste with their feet, which is pretty convenient for them landing on flowers.

3. The octopus has not one but three different hearts.

4. Wild dolphins actually have names for each other and they literally call to each other by name.

5. Elephants communicate with alarm calls when they sense danger and one of them is for “human.”

6. Squirrels are not capable of burping or vomiting.


7. The Azara Owl monkeys are actually more monogamous than humans are.

8. Polar bears looks white because of their fur but they have actually have black skin.

9. More female turtles are born than make turtles because of warm weather.

10. Honeybees move their wings up and down 200 times each second.

11. Goats can have different accents and they pick them up from each other when they are young.

12. Black widow venom will harm humans, horses, and cats, but dogs are pretty resistant to the venom and it seems that rabbits and sheep are totally immune to it.


13. The silk that spiders weave is quite strong. It is thinner than a strand of human hair, but if you compared it to a piece of steel the same size it would be five times stronger.

14. There is a wasp called the bone-house wasp that uses the bodies dead ants to fill the walls of its nest.

15. Sea lions can keep a beat, and they are the only other mammal besides humans that seem to have that ability.

16. There are 24 different species of dancing frogs. Fourteen of the species were discovered just in 2014.

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