If only everything was so multi functional. Copenhagen is welcoming the new design of a recycling center that people will be able to snowboard over during the winter, and picnic and run on during the warmer months.

The Danish architect Bjarke Ingels is behind the project, who is known for creating futuristic projects like a housing pyramid in New York City. His plan includes building a 13,000 square foot waste management center that will be located in a Southern port of Copenhagen called Sydhavns. The idea was to create the structure in such a way that it didn’t disrupt daily life in the area, and instead become something that could be functional and even beautiful.

The structure will be built in a way that turns the roof into the ground area, which will be covered with grass and picnic areas. The slope will also become the place where snowboarding will be possible when the ground is covered in snow.

The plan has been called “a way to start thinking of our cities as integrated man-made ecosystems, where we don’t distinguish between the front and back of house.”

The waste facility and it’s outdoor park are expected to be finished at some point in 2016. Need some other reasons to make it out to Copenhagen? Copenhagen is a bit edgier and more worldly than some of the other Nordic areas, which means activities are good food are plentiful.

Copenhagen actually had a restaurant voted the best in the world in 2014. The city only has 1.2 million people, and yet it also boasts 15 Michelin-starred restaurants. The uptrend of having great food is driven by inspired chefs who are focused on local and seasonal cuisine. The regional cooking is generally light and filled with seafood and herbs. While the city does have more Michelin stars than other other Scandinavian city, it also has a ton of affordable yet super delicious restaurants in the form of casual, bistro style restaurants, so there really is something for everyone.

The city has been there for almost nine centuries so there is also a lot of history to learn about, which can be done in the many museums such as the Denmark National Museum and the Denmark Design Museum. For amusement type attractions you can stop by Tivoli Gardens, a carnival type place that’s been around since 1843. Talk about history.

A lot of Copenhagen can be seen by taking a harbor cruise, which is a great way to appreciate the cozy and kitschy housing arrangements and cobble stone pathways. If you’re just stopping through you can take a castles tour that starts in Copenhagen and continues on through other areas of Denmark.

Copenhagen has long since demonstrated its love for the applied arts, and really does a wonderful job of making public spaces beautiful and functional, so it’s not surprising that it’s most recent addition of a waste plant that doubles as park is happening. Hopefully the ease they demonstrate combining sleek architecture with usability will continue to seep out and inspire the rest of the world as well.

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