There are usually a lot of options when it comes to travel accommodations, especially with the explosion of Airbnb type sites. Instead of staying at the same hotel in every town you visit, why not consider some of these unique rental options.

This Entire Town in Hungary

One hundred miles southwest of Budapest there is a Hungarian town called Megyer, and the mayor has created the option to rent out the whole place for just $780 a night. For under a grand you’ll have access to 7 houses, a barn, a chicken coup, and four roads. Interestingly while you’re there you will become the temporary mayor over the 18 residents that live in the town.

The Survival Cave in Spain

In Tarancon Spain you can literally rent out a cave, and no it doesn’t have electricity or running water. Hence the “survival” part in it’s name. It’s listed for $49 a night, two night minimum.

The Shire of Montana

Any fan of The Hobbit would be happy to visit this spot, since the house was built to look exactly like the house in the movie. It’s located in the foothills of Montana’s Cabinet Mountains so hiking, fishing, and climbing are all popular activities to do in the area.

The Concrete Boombox in Hawaii

In Kehena Hawaii there is a two bedroom home that was built out of concrete to literally look like a boombox. It has panoramic windows close to the beach for awesome views. The beaches in the area are know for having dark sand and more relaxed policies about clothing being worn on them.

Airstream Trailers in France

Retro airstream trailers seem particularly out of place in France, yet ten of them are for rent there in Mirepoix. The trailers are true retro, one being from 1947. The town that they’re located in is a medieval one, and checking out the nearby castle is a popular activity.

Private Green Living Dome in Thailand

Thailand’s Khao Yai National Park is a popular spot for camping when guests are there to experience the vast natural landscape, but there is also the option to stay in one of the dome houses. They are literal dome structures with beds inside and not much else to keep things simple.

Walla Walla Wine Barrel in Washington

This accommodation is exactly what it sounds like, a big wine barrel that basically just fits a full sized bed inside. There are more than 100 wineries in the area, so after hitting up a few of those a bed is pretty much all you’ll need anyway.

Water Tower Room in London

In London you can literally rent out a converted water tower in the North Kensington area. There are six flights of exterior stairs to get into the room so it’s not quite the same as staying at a hotel, but good if you’re up for adventure. It has amazing views from that high up, and it also has an incredibly central location which is great for visiting and checking out the city.

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  1. Great list! I think I’d like to be the next mayor of Megyer, Hungary someday. I mean, can you believe it? I get to be the mayor of a small town and I don’t even have to have politician skills or bribe anybody there. The place cost only $700. How cool is that? 🙂

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