It you’re planning a trip to Bali you won’t be disappointed. The Indonesian paradise is beautiful, enjoyable, and as safe as ever. Here are some things to keep in mind when you will be traveling to Bali for the first time.

The Weather

The rainy season in Bali is October to April, with May to September being drier and busier. It can be pretty humid so getting a hotel with AC is recommended for most people. At any time of year dressing in natural, breathable fabrics is going to ensure your comfort. It’s pretty casual even in the nicer restaurants which makes transitioning from day to night pretty seamless.

Where to Stay

Bali is fully prepared for a lot of visitors, so there are some great options when it comes to accommodations. There is every option from very basic to five star hotels. Villas are a very popular option especially if you are going to be traveling with multiple people, since they provide a little more privacy than a typical hotel room but still off the amenities of a hotel. When booking keep in mind whether you prefer to be able to walk outside of your place of stay and be near a restaurant or if you’re fine with being shuttled back and forth from town. Note that at the villas the pools are not fenced so that’s something to keep in mind if you will have children with you.

Getting Around

There isn’t any public transportation in Bali so you will either plan on walking places or taking cabs for the most part, although most of the hotels have shuttle services as well. You can also hire drivers by the day which sometimes offer vans. This can be a more cost effective choice than getting multiple taxis if you’re in a group.

Staying Healthy

Bug spray is going to a must for most people, as is sunscreen since the sun’s rays can be pretty strong around there. You should also be careful with the water, as in, don’t drink from the tap, and brush your teeth with only bottled water as well to avoid stomach issues. Some people find that taking probiotics can help keep stomach issues at bay as well.

The Money

The money is Bali is in rupiah, but you will generally only need cash for paying drivers. Most everywhere else will accept a credit or debit card just like at home. The rupiah is much smaller than a dollar so carrying even a small amount of cash can physically be a lot to hold onto.

What to Do

The activities in Bali are pretty endless. You can lay by hotel pools, swim at the beach and lounge in the white sand, shop, dine, get pampered at a spa, do outdoor adventure type activities like scuba diving and snorkeling, take tours through the jungle and check out the monkeys, get in touch with your spiritual side…pretty much anything you’re looking for in a vacation can be accomplished in Bali depending on where you stay and how you choose to spend your days.

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  1. Very nice indeed! Thanks for sharing. You gave me a complete overview about Bali and I’ll set when I’ll travel there this coming December.

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