princess of hope

The Princess of Hope

Princess of Hope is a natural rock formation that manifests a princess looking beyond horizons (may be for hope). The sea breeze coming from the Arabian Sea has worked for many years an expert craftsman to carve this beautiful sculpture. Princess of Hope stands high in the mountain range along with Makran Coastal Highway. The entire landscape is covered with gorges and mountains of mud and rock.

princess of hope
The Princess of Hope

Climatic changes, rain and strong winds coming from the sea have transformed these rocks into nicely sculpted objects – the Princes of Hope is just one of them. The formation of Princess of Hope is so perfect that it appears to be a masterpiece of a skilled artisan who has made no mistake in transforming this rock into a princess.

While traveling on the Makran Coastal Highway from Karachi to Gwadar, you come across Princess of Hope and many other interesting rock formations including this ‘sphinx’.

the sphinx
The 'Sphinx'

Besides Princess of Hope, you can witness clusters of mud volcanoes; these are considered one of the largest mud volcanoes on earth. Most of these mud volcanoes are situated off-road in difficult terrains. However, you can see some of these dormant mud volcanoes standing like columns of mud. The most famous of the mud volcanoes is called Chandar Gup.

natural rock formation
The Tower

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