Utah could be considered a bit of an underrated state. Many people assume that the only thing to do there is outdoor activities, and while those are a plenty (and amazing), there is a little something for everything. Here are some really great reasons to visit Utah. The Mighty 5 […]

Most of know that oceans make up most of the world (70 percent to be exact), but they are still full of mystery since we can’t possibly see everything that’s happening down there. But there are many interesting things that we do know about the ocean, that are truly incredible. […]

There are a lot of islands in the world, but some are better for vacationing than others. Here are the top ten best islands. Galapagos The Galapagos islands are a province of Ecuador and are a¬†volcanic archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. It is considered one of the best places in […]


Guatemala is the northernmost of the Central American nations. It touches Mexico, Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador, and it is about the size of the U.S. state Tennessee. There are three main regions in Guatemala, which include a cooler highland area where most of the people in the country live, […]