White water rafting can be a high energy adventure for anyone who’s brave enough to try it. It offers some exercise, and also puts you in some of the most beautiful outdoor locations where you’re on the move and enjoying the sites. All of the white water rafting spots mentioned have companies who will set you up with a trip and qualified guides to escort you on your way. Most of them will also rent out any camping equipment you might need.

The activity of white water rafting  is also customizable in the sense that you can for a few hours, or even for a full week at a time. Here are some of the places to go on a white water rafting adventure in the United States.

Green River

The Green River in Colorado actually flows into the Colorado river at some point, and it extends all the way from Wyoming to Utah. There are campsites along the river for people who want to make their white water rafting experience a multiple day one.

Nenana River

The Nenana River is located in the Denali National Park in Alaska, and is one of the most popular rafting spots in the state. The river is formed from a glacier and is pretty easily accessible by road from multiple locations.

Salmon River

The Salmon River goes through 20 miles in California, 34 miles in Oregon, and 425 miles in Idaho. It is the longest undammed river in the United States. Since the river is fueled by snow melt, it is typically in June and July when the biggest rapids are occurring.

New River

New River in West Virginia offers gorgeous views of the Appalachian mountains. There are some river sites that can only be accessed through the boating process including things like waterfalls and other scenic sights.

American River

The American River near Sacramento is a popular spot for casual tubing, but the river also has some sections that a little more fast flowing that are great for rafting as well. The American River is generally done as a day trip.

Rogue River

The Rogue River in Oregon extends for 215 miles and goes all the way from Crater Lake to the Pacific Ocean. Along the river there are campsites and also lodges that you can stay in when you want to extend your trip over multiple days. There are also different areas of the river that are to be more relaxing or more challenging for people who are looking for a little more adventure.

Rio Grande

The Rio Grande begins in Colorado and extends 1,800 miles south. It’s a good option when you to extend you white water rafting adventure over a week or so, and there is tons of wildlife and birds in the area to be seen. There are also interesting things to see along the way such as rock art and freshwater springs. The age minimum to raft down the river depends on the current state of the rapids.


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