Iceland is a really incredible place to visit, and as a tourist you can approach it from two ways. Either getting in on some big tour groups, or exploring more so like a local would. The natural wonder worth seeing in Iceland include everything from its 30 active volcanoes to the amazing scuba diving.

One thing to keep in mind when you’re exploring Iceland is that you might want to go off road to do so. You can rent vehicles with four wheel drive and full coverage that will give you a lot of freedom to go off the grid without worrying about the car itself. Some things worth seeing off the main road include¬†Seljavallalaug, which is Iceland’s oldest geothermal swimming pool, and the Glymer waterfall.

One of the best ways to do lodging in Iceland is to get your own place as opposed to staying in a hotel. Renting an authentic cottage can be cool because you get the vibe of the place while being even closer to some of the lava fields. Many of the restaurants in Iceland are known for being quite expensive, but if you stay at your own cottage you can grab local food to go and enjoy it from your own natural hot tub, if you so desire.

Mount Helka is Iceland’s most active volcano, and a great way to see it is on a private guided tour where you get to ride a small Icelandic horse. The horses were brought over by vikings in 900 AD and they have a reputation of giving a fast and steady ride.

From May to September the whale watching in Iceland is particularly good, and they can be seen from a few different locations. There are boat tours to do so that generally last about two to three hours.

If you are going to Iceland in the winter you won’t want to miss out on the ice caves. There are different travel agencies that organize trips to the glaciers and the sites inside of the caves are truly legendary.

Iceland has some of the most amazing natural hot springs that not only feel great on the body but are also so stunning it’s hard to imagine that they are real. The Blue Lagoon in Grindavik is located about 40 minutes away from Reykjav√≠k and it is worth the trip.

The Gullfoss waterfall is one of the biggest attractions in the country, and it has three different giant steps that create an amazing sight. The water flow is heavier in the summer as the snow and ice melts but it’s pretty cool all year round.

Iceland is also a good place to see the Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis. They are most easily seen between September and April, and the further you can get from the city lights the more amazing the site will be. The Aurora Borealis are bascially solar activity that can be seen as the particles enter the earth’s atmosphere. It looks other worldly, because in some ways it is.

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