Vienna, the capital of Austria, is one of the most popular places to visit in Europe, and for good reason. The town has a rich history as well as a modern one. There are almost 200 different palaces, churches, and castles, and a lively dining out scenes. Here are some things to know about visiting Vienna.

Vienna is know for being an extremely livable city and is quite safe. There is an efficient public transportation system which makes getting around extremely easy, although it is quite walkable as well despite being pretty large. Vienna is covered with welcoming, comfortable coffee shops, and bistros with delicious food and wine.

Many of our most celebrated composers and musicians were born or lived in Vienna, so there is a rich music culture. Experiencing this for yourself might include listening to Bach being played in an old church, for example. There is also a modern music scene with live rock and jazz clubs.

Perhaps one of the top churches to see in Vienna would be the Stephansdom, also commonly called Steffl for short. The church has been there since the 12th century, and its Gothic stone pulpit was built in 1515 by an unknown person. The outside boasts an incredible tile roof, and there are many small amazing details to see inside. The church holds mass up to eight times a day.

Another great spot to check out is the Museums Quartier. The 60,000 square foot complex used to be imperial stables, and today hold museums, cafes, bars, and restaurants. It’s a fun place to check out both some historical stuff as well as the local scene and hangouts. There are some options available where you can get deals on museum ticket admission if you are planning to check out many of them on a trip.

If you want to see a lot of Vienna, you might consider either one of the bike tours or one of the hop-on hop-off tours on a bus or a tram. One of the more popular bike tours lasts three hours and takes you along the river and points out all the important buildings you might like to see in the area.

The bus tour has a little more flexibility since you don’t have to complete it all at once. Not only can you get off at any of the 15 stops when you feel like it, but you can also purchase tickets that are good for 24 or 48 hours so you can get back on the bus as many times as you want during that period. That makes it also a great way to get around in addition to seeing the town through the commentary that is provided on the bus.

The ring tram is also a hop-on hop-off experience. The tickets for that can be combined with other types of public transportation as well if you plan on getting around on multiple modes of transportation. You can also book private walking tours if you have a lot of questions that you would like answered as you explore.



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