Traveling can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be over the top. Getting a great flight deal or hotel deal can really free up some extra cash to spend on actually enjoying a vacation. Here are some ways to get the best deals on hotels.

Pick Up the Phone and Call Them

You can spend all day scouring the internet for deals, but hotel prices fluctuate so much that sometimes you’re better off just calling the place and asking. ┬áIf anything, inquiring about rates might get you hooked up with other amenities that you normally have to pay for. Just make sure and ask about total cost, not just the room cost, since many hotels have resort fees and parking fees that can add up quickly when you’re not looking.

Just Show Up

Showing up and booking a room in person can also be a good way to get a good rate, but we wouldn’t suggest this unless you’re feeling flexible and adventurous or know for certain that they will have rooms open. If you are open to it, there are actually apps that can find you great deals on hotel rooms at the last minute. Basically if hotels have a lot of rooms to fill, they’ll take a rate drop.

Seek Out the Smaller Hotels

Many smaller hotels that are not chains or well known are not going to come up on the online deal searches. Hotels have to pay a commission to be listed on many of those, and for smaller companies it might not even be worth it. Spend some time seeking them out and you might be able to land a better deal if they have many rooms open. And let’s be honest, sometimes smaller hotels are a better travel experience anyway.

Use Your Travel Reward Points

If you’re traveling anyway, you might as well get points for it. If you’re comfortable in your ability to pay off your credit cards, signing up for one to get travel points might be worth it. These points can add up quickly and even cover your hotel stays in entirety.

Travel in the Off Season

We know, not the most exciting advice, but traveling to locations in their off season can be a great way to snag crazy deals on pretty much everything. Some peak seasons are weather related, but some are just related to the average times that people get their vacation time. Don’t rule it out if you have some flexibility in your work schedule. Even just staying at hotels on the weekdays can mean huge discounts compared to the weekend.

Make Yourself Sound Important

Okay don’t lie, but do mention if you’ve stayed at the hotel before. Hotels like return customers and you never know when it’ll get you an upgrade. Also feel free to mention if your company uses their hotel for travel even if you aren’t on a work trip. Some professions also get discounts at hotel, such as teachers and people in the military. It sure doesn’t hurt to try.

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  1. To be honest I always take the first deal but I shouldn’t, this is sort of like negotiating we should be steping up our game

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