Airports are often a necessary evil of traveling, it’s not like we would head there for any other reason besides catching a flight and they can be crowded, uncomfortable, and a little boring. But some airports are a little more interesting than others. Here are out top picks.


The Changi airport in Singapore was one of the first airports to start thinking about entertaining people. It was the first airport to add in free WiFi areas, and it even has a rooftop pool and jacuzzi if you’re sticking around for a while. It also has a nature trail, a children’s slide, an art gallery, and if you’re on a layover of more than five hours they provide free tours of the city. Can’t really beat that.


The Nashville International Airport is doing its best to keep up the music scene that Nashville has been and is still known for. There are often concerts put on at the actual airport which sounds a lot more appealing than over hearing the blaring headphones of the person sitting next to you while you wait. There are actually four stages on the premise that put on over 100 concerts each year.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong international airport has a movie theater so large that it is the largest cinema in the Chinese territory, and it is the only airport to play IMAX movies. They play a mixture of films including current blockbuster hits, and it’s open to people from outside of the airport as well.


The Incheon airport in Seoul has some of the most interesting activities to keep fliers occupied while they wait. These include a casino, ice rink, spa, sauna, and they also have a nearby golf course that you can reach by a five minute shuttle.


The Airbau airport in Munich actually has a tavern with its own brewery and traditional German beer garden. It serves 110,000 gallons of homemade beer each year. Often they also have lively music playing. This airport also offers a behind the scenes tour that can be a cool way to learn about the airport, which includes going to a observation tower to see planes take off and land from closeup. The airport also has a dentist office, an arcade, mini golf, and a movie theater.


The¬†Schiphol Amsterdam Airport in the Netherlands is the fifth largest airport in Europe. There’s a casino on location, as well as wedding packages for the couple who wants to get married on the go. There’s also an annex of the¬†Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Schiphol which has free entry with passport clearance.

San Francisco

The San Francisco airport in California has a rotating art collection that is pretty impressive, and it also has three different aquariums, an interactive play area, and a library. There is also a tram that goes between terminals which gives some fun sights of the planes for anyone who’s interested in checking the whole place out.


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  1. How great to have live music at an airport, wow. It makes sense, it’s actually weird how boring so many airports all. Might as well appeal to the customer

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