Grenada is a Caribbean island and houses the capitol of St. George. It is actually made up of one main island and six smaller surrounding ones.  The island has been called “spice isle” because it has so many nutmeg plantations…and you can actually smell the spice in the air! The capital still has gorgeous 18th century buildings, while other newer areas are full of nightlife and great dining.

There are a Ton of All Inclusive Resorts

The all-inclusive resort options in Grenada are plentiful and there are some truly beautiful places to stay. The Flamboyant Hotel & Villas St George’s for example, has rooms and suites with glorious water views scuba diving amenities, and a variety of restaurants. The all-inclusive options can really take a lot of the travel stress off when you’re planning on enjoying a lot of time at the resort itself and the nearby beaches.

Besides all0inclusive resorts, your stay option vary from upscale resorts to small more authentic type accommodations. With plenty to choose from the choice is yours.

Things to Do

If the spice aspect of Granada is of interest to you, you can take tours of some of the plantations. Nutmeg is so popular in the area, that it is commonly worked into food and drink recipes, and even things like soap.

Naturally water sports and activities are incredibly popular in the Caribbean. Snorkeling, scuba diving, boat tours, and just normal swimming are all popular options. Many of the resorts have their own dive shops where you can rent dive equipment or get certified to do so, but there are also stand alone shops else wear that can be rented from as well. Divers can expect to see lots of coral and sunken ships in addition to the animal life.

Sailing is also a popular option in the area, and the weather is generally gorgeous so its the perfect type of wind and skies for it.

Visiting the national park is another popular activity to do on the island. There you can take lots of different hikes and get acquainted with the undisturbed nature of the area.

With gorgeous beaches and water relaxing on the sand is also a popular option in Grenada. For visitors looking to relax or have a romantic time on the island, plopping down with some cocktails in the sun is a great choice.

The Weather

The weather in Grenada is tropical so you can expect sun all year round with the very occasional rains. The weather can be quite humid, so bringing light, breathable clothing is always a good idea. Things like cotton dresses and t-shirts are ideal for staying comfortable during the daytime, and they also work for nighttime as well since the overall vibe is pretty casual. You can also get by a lot of the time wearing a bathing suit with a cover up. Sandals of course work great, but bring athletic shoes if you plan to hike or do some other outdoor activities on land. Don’t forget the sunscreen and the bug repellant!

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