Vancouver in British Columbia Canada is a naturally gorgeous city, that also a growing cosmopolitan element to it as well. When you visit, or if you live there, taking day trips might be appealing. Here are some easy to visit day trip locations.


Squamish might be a small town, but it can also be considered the outdoor activity mecca of Canada. The town has access to more outdoor adventures than you possibly do in one trip, including 300 climbing routes. There is a Sea-to-Sky Gondola for people who want to get a good view of the layout, and Shannon Falls is always a great sight to see. Squamish is about an hour outside of Vancouver to the North.

Harrison Hot Springs

The Harrison Hot Springs are located at Harrison Lake to the east of Vancouver. There are mineral pools to soak in both indoors and outdoors, and the area has been attracting people to them for over 100 years. You can also boat on the lake, and there are some great hikes in the area as well.

Vancouver Whale Watching

There are tons of whale watching excursions to be taken from Vancouver and nearby areas. Some of them are on the shorter than others, and some take place on covered boats while others do on fast moving zodiacs. Keep your eyes peeled for wild life like whales, orcas, and tons of bird life.

Grouse Mountain

Grouse Mountain is only 15 minutes outside of Vancouver and is popular all year round. In the winter it’s a great skiing spot, and in the summer it’s excellent for hiking. The tramway is open all year round so its easy to get up to the top of the mountain and look out over all of beautiful Vancouver.

Butchart Gardens

Vancouver Island can be reach by taking a boat across the Straight of Georgia. Upon arrival, you will find such sites as the Butchart Gardens which have flowers in bloom all year round. In the early 1900’s the area was used as a quarry, and when that was done with its purpose these amazing gardens were planted there instead. In addition to flowers, there are also fountains, sculptures, totem poles, and a carousal to enjoy.

Bowen Island

A short ferry ride is all you need to take to get to nearby Bowen island. The island is very popular for beach activities on hot days, and there are some good hikes in the area as well. Pack a picnic and make a day of it.


Whistler is perhaps one of the most well known attractions near Vancouver, as the popular ski resort is considered one of the best out there. To get there you can either drive or take a gorgeous train ride. There are over 200 trails at Whistler so although over 2 million people visit each year, it still tends to feel open and uncrowded. The area is open for snow sports well into the summer time, and hiking becomes pretty popular in the off season as well.

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