Google has a feature called “Plan a Trip” which was essentially designed to try and compete with the way that people search for trip information on their phones. Mostly they wanted to make the process easier than any other option to keep people on the search engine.

Using keywords like “where to go” or “destinations” will create different tabs that you can click on for things like destinations or points of interest. Google will not only pull together general information about the location that you’re researching, but it will offer information about things like flights to get there, hotels to stay in, the restaurants in the area, the top sites, and even the weather. If you decide to book a trip you can do it all in the same place.

The feature will also give you information about the peak travel times to that location as well as how long your flight would be from wherever you are. Scrolling even further will give you some relevant videos to watch about the place that you are searching for as well.

The search engine is making it easier to filter searchers such as when you’re looking for a place to stay that looks a certain way or if you’re looking for a specifically cheap trip somewhere. In the past using the search engine would have different features for whether you were searching for hotels or for airfare, but now there is a different sort of integration taking place where it can be done together.

People attention to the market wonder if Google might be worried about its position in the industry of adwords. Currently companies bid on adwords and pay a lot of money to get placed in the top of the Google search engine. When it comes to travel, those paying the most are companies like Expedia, Booking, and Hotelplan, which keeps them at the top of the searches.

Google has noticed that younger people booking trips tend to do it with multiple short searches from their mobile devices. People generally start looking information up months before their travel date and have a fair amount of flexibility, which is why Google wants to try and lock people into their search engine as quickly as possible.

Google is going to experiment with creating contracts with hotels and airlines to do direct distributions but this has not occurred yet. They have already started working with airlines and creating the possibility of booking flights with some companies directly from the Google site without having to even go to the airline’s direct website.


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