There are tons of options out there when it comes to taking cruises, and for some people taking a themed one can be the most exciting option. Here are some of the best cruise lines that offer themed cruises.

Music Cruises

Music based cruises can be a whole lot of entertainment in one place, and they are generally the most popular type of themed cruise there is. There are two different types of music cruises. One is the kind where a big act is brought onto the boat for a short period of time and these of course tend to attract die hard fans of the musical acts.

The other is set up more like a music festival and can be themed based on genre of music or even with tribute acts of a beloved band.

Food and Drink Cruises

When it comes to food and drink cruises again there are a couple different ways this can be done. One version is where a celebrity chef is brought on board for an event, but another is when the whole cruise is themed for a certain type of food. Popular food themes include chocolate, beer and wine, or it might be a regional cruise where they expose you to awesome authentic food from a certain area of the country.

Health and Wellness Cruises

If health and fitness or wellness are your top priority, they definitely have cruises for that. (This is the opposite experience that many people have on cruises where they end up eating a ton and overindulging in general.) You can take a cruise that focuses on yoga, or some cruises focus on walking a certain amount of miles and accomplish this with excursions when the boat is docked in ports.

There are even cruises that focus on wellness topics like sobriety, marriage counseling, and quitting smoking. For some people the cruise helps to silence out the rest of the world for a moment or even in the cases of addiction remove the possibility of temptation completely.

Hobby Based Cruises

If you have a very specific hobby you might be able to find a cruise that caters to like minded people like yourself. Examples range from photography and ballroom dancing to poker or knitting.

Clothing Themed Cruises

Some cruises are catered towards people who wear a certain style of clothing, and this even extends to not wearing any clothing at all for the nudists out there .

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