We all want to save as much money as possible when we travel but it can be a little confusing to sort through all of the sites and apps out there for getting deals. Here are some of the most helpful ones out there.


Yapta.com is a site that will allow you to get refunds if your flight price falls lower than what you purchased it for on certain airlines. For example if you bought a ticket on American, AirTran, or Jetblue and the fare dropped the app will help you get reimbursed for the difference, which generally comes in the form of vouchers or credits. 


The WhichBudget.com website can be helful for finding deals on airlines that you may have not heard of before, especially when it comes to overseas traveling. You simply put in your start and end points and it will give you all of the options from any airline.


The AirfareWatchdog site works great for people who are prepared to make last minute travel plans. This website is unique to the fact that it has real people checking for deals all the time. The look for promotional codes and rewards that can then be handed off to users of the site, which can save you the time of looking. Additionally, they include deals for airlines like Southwest and Allegiant that are not included in the searchers of big sites like Kayak.


Many of the hotel deal websites focus on the bigger chains, but bedandbreakfast.com is a great place to look when you need something a little more cozy. The site will send you promo codes and deals in the area you are looking, as well as allow you to search by amenities.


CruiseCompete.com is a great place to look if a cruise is on your agenda. It gathers the information from 300 different travel agencies and can find you good deals whether you are booking in advance or trying to find a deal last minute.


If you are going to be traveling between European countries one of the best ways to do it is to look on a site like RailEurope.com. This can add an element of simplicity to the process if you are not fluent in the language of where you will be traveling.


WebFlyer.com helps you keep track of your miles and frequent flier points to help you determine how you best use them when you decide to cash them in. This can be helpful if you are apart of multiple rewards programs.


Using InsureMyTrip.com can help you get travel insurance without dealing with the markups that occur when you purchase it directly through agencies or travel providers. The search engine allows you to get specific about what kind of coverage you need, and then compare the prices of multiple insurance providers to see if there is one that works for your needs.

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