Saving money on travel is a worthy goal for everyone, but of course at the same time you don’t want to give up the fun and luxury of traveling. Here are some tips for saving plenty of money on your next trip without forgoing the fun.

Plan it With a Group

Pooling your resources with some friends can be a really great way to save money on a vacation. For example, renting a house together can be way cheaper than getting individual hotel rooms, and it will also give you a shared space to hang out in when you’re not in your rooms. Along these lines it also makes sense to cook together for some of your meals if you want to save money in that way as well. If you’re going to share stuff, it can make sense to pool your cash ahead of time so that everyone puts in the same amount and then use that to shop throughout the weekend.

Always Look for Deals

It’s always a good idea to check for deals on hotels before you book, even if you don’t think the likelihood seems high. You just never know when something will come up on Groupon or something. Think outside of the box, for example if you are going to a college town during some months there can be hotel deals for when families are in town checking out the schools. It might seem busier than usual, and yet have some great deals to take advantage of.

Travel in the Off Season

You can find some fantastic deals on rentals and hotel rooms when you choose to travel in the off seasons. This doesn’t even necessarily mean that you have to deal with terrible weather either, there are naturally more popular months for travel than others and the prices will always drop in a non peak time of the year.

Buy Public Transportation Passes

If you are going to be staying in the same place for a while, it is always a worthwhile investment to get a pass to use on public transportation. This will usually start saving you money after just a few rides, and it will always be much cheaper than taking cabs. Those passes also often have the added bonus of getting you discounts or free entry to a lot of local places that normally charge, such as gardens or special museum exhibits. This can also tip you off on some fun things to do in the town that you happen to be in.

Chat Up Some Locals

If you’re trying to find deals on restaurants or things to do, no one will be more in the know than the locals who live there full time. Start chatting with people wherever you go and asking for their advice in regards to activities that you would like to do. You will not only find some great deals but you will also get to see the town from an insider’s perspective which is usually better.

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